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Norwest Investment in NationWide Primary Healthcare

NationWide Primary Healthcare provides personalised General Practitioner (GP) services and paediatric care to individuals, families, and corporate groups in India. The Company's primary focus is on proactive management of every day ailments and effectively managing chronic conditions. The Company plans to open 1,500 clinics across India over the next 5 years, revolutionising primary healthcare in the country.

In August 2012, Intellecap facilitated an investment of USD 5 million from Norwest Venture Partners into NationWide. A major part of the current investment will be utilised to rapidly expand operations over the next 18 months and set up a total of 120 clinics in Bangalore. Norwest is a prominent Venture Capital firm headquartered in the U.S.

The raising of this capital for NationWide was particularly challenging and innovatine since the GP model is a new business model in India. NationWide was also a Sankalp 2012 finalist in the Healthcare, Water & Sanitation segment.